Olde Mill


Regulations / Restrictions

Olde Mill Estates is governed by an extensive list of rules and regulations to keep everything in order. A complete list of these regulations is on file with the Jefferson County Recorder of Deeds Office. Since Olde Mill Estates was done in several phases, the regulations are spread through several amendments. Phase One can be found in Plat Book 160, starting on page 11. Additional phases can be located in Plat Book 165, page 9, as well as Plat Book 196, pages 7 and 8. 

The third amendment is on file as 2006R_028155 with the same office. All phases of Olde Mill Estates are subject to the terms and conditions of an Indenture and Restrictions files in Book 860 beginning on page 880.

Declaration of Restrictions

The third amendment states that, as of June 9, 2006, the following items may not be stored on individual lots unless garaged:

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